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The Nitya Seva Project

NITYA SEVA and its project in Bhopal / India

NITYA SEVA is a charitable association which engages itself for the welfare of the street, slum and other children from the under priveleged sections of the society in India.

Set up in 1998 in Germany by Claus D. von der Fink, NITYA SEVA has tried to live up to its name which means continuous service.

NITYA SEVA SOCIETY, the Indian counter part, was set up in November 1999 by Claus D. and Asha von der Fink in Bhopal, M.P., India.

The association opened its first children’s home in the Chandbarh area of Bhopal in July 2000.

The second children’s home was opened in August 2004 in the village Pipalner about 10 kms from the centre of Bhopal town.

On 20th December 2020 the third children´s home has been opened as a Girls Hostel.

NITYA SEVA has actual more than 170 children under its care in the three children’s homes.

We provide the children in our children’s homes the following facilities

 - not just a roof over their heads but also a home and an identity

 - three warm nourishing meals, a school breakfast and an afternoon snack   

 - modern toilet facilities for a hygienic living and the luxury of a bath every day

 - school education in regular schools

 - vocational training and on-the-job training facilities. Some of our children are pursuing university  education while others have been settled in regular jobs.   

 - after school help

 - medical attention

 - care and attention and the opportunity for a better future

We also give back to these children, who come from the poorest strata of society, their smiles.

We try to install in the children the feeling of self esteem and also make them aware about their responsibilities towards their families and the society.

We try to give the children a normal life and the right values to enable them to develop to their potential and become responsible citizens of the country.

Education being the biggest building block for this we lay a lot of emphasis on it. The children are told that the right education and future careers are the keys for a better future.

We are enabling the children to help themselves and become independent.

The funds for project are mobilized through donations which are transferred completely to India without any deductions for any purpose.